Whispers of the Wild

Painted on plywood for the 2023 Mural Walk, this mural features abstract and geometric designs and nature elements, from kayaks, to a bear and mountains, and sea. It is painted in a range of bright colours.

In “Whispers of the Wild,” I aimed to capture Squamish’s untamed beauty through a tapestry of wildlife and landscapes that unfold across the mural. Drawing inspiration from the rugged mountains, dense forests, and flowing rivers that define this region, the mural invites viewers to embark on a visual journey through the natural wonders that surround us. If you look closer, you will discover hidden animals blended into the shapes and forms in the mural. These subtle creatures serve as a reminder that all living things are interconnected, and we need to protect the delicate balance of the ecosystem. Through this mural, I hope to inspire both locals and visitors alike to cherish and protect the natural wonders that make Squamish special.”