We Are All One

This mural was painted on plywood for the 2022 Mural Walk. On a black background it shows a white, orange and beige design of orcas, salmon, an eagle, and mountains in a circular shape, with the words “WE ARE ALL ONE”.

There is such a push right now in politics and mainstream media to fear and hate each other for our differences and to cause division. But this is not the way. For us all to live happier and more fulfilling lives, and to reach all of our dreams, we must come together, to unite. We are one planet, we are all one organism, and an organism at war with itself is doomed. This message of unity is what I wanted to get across with this piece – not just in the Sea to Sky, but the world over. I chose to work in a style that took inspiration from classic tattoo art too, not just because I love that bold style of line work but also because it added an essence of permanence to my message of unity.”