This mural on plywood was created for the 2022 Mural Walk. It depicts a many-eyed, tentacled, green creature with a red backdrop.

The mural creature is named “Larry” and he is a critter. A word about critters. Critters are imaginary beings existing on land, in the sky, and the water. Some have spots, some have horns, some critters even have antennae. Some critters have spikes they walk on, making sounds as they walk, tic tac, tic tac, tic tac. Others simply slither about like snakes or salamanders do. There are some critters that can fly, while others float up and down and get blown about by the wind like balloons; others are so fast that you can rarely see them, all you see is the light trail behind them. If you ever wonder how big or how small critters are, well let me tell you that they come in all sizes, some you can barely see with a naked eye, and some are so big you might mistake them for a planet! Watch where you step as some have spiky bits on top of their heads! Most of the critters presented here are friendly and happy even if they may look scary they really are not, looks CAN be deceiving after all.”