James Harry

James Harry was born on October 31, 1989, in Vancouver, British Columbia, to a family of artists. His father, Xwalacktun, is a master carver of the Squamish Nation, and he learned Indigenous stories, Salish design, and carving skills from him. Growing up, James was immersed in Squamish Nation culture and traditions, which deeply influenced his artistic style and approach.

James later attended Emily Carr University of Arts and Design, where he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Visual Arts in 2014. During his studies, James focused on integrating traditional Coast Salish art forms, including Salish design, with contemporary concepts and materials, experimenting with a variety of media, including wood, metal, and glass.

Today, James is recognized as a leader in the burgeoning contemporary Coast Salish art scene, known for pushing the boundaries of traditions while using his work to promote cultural understanding and reconciliation. His unique style blends intricate carving with bold, modern designs and incorporates elements of metal, light, and Salish design. James creates work that is a powerful expression of his cultural heritage and a testament to the ongoing vitality and relevance of Indigenous art forms.