Dominic Laporte

Dominic Laporte, an accomplished muralist and illustrator based in Ottawa, Canada, seamlessly blends traditional painting techniques with mixed-media approaches, focusing on themes rooted in the natural world. His recent gallery work explores intricate symbiotic relationships in nature, aiming to bring these narratives to life on large-scale walls.

Over the past decade, Dominic’s mural practice has gained international recognition, shaping Canada’s urban landscapes. His portfolio boasts commissions from prestigious institutions like Canada’s Museum of Science & Technology, Live Nation Canada, and the City of Ottawa Light Rail Transit, among others. He has also participated in renowned mural festivals worldwide, including those in the United States, Romania, and various Canadian cities.

Aligned with his background in traditional painting, Dominic’s dedication to community-driven and accessible art led him to co-found DRIFT, a mural production and public art company in Ottawa. His recent work signifies a stylistic evolution, shifting focus towards natural environments and exploring mutual dependency among species. Dominic’s unique artistic style blends realism and surrealism, prompting viewers to reflect on their relationship with and responsibility toward other species in our shared world.