Alex Stewart

Alex Stewart is a Fraser Valley-based environmental artist and muralist specializing in stencil art. Studying at the University of the Fraser Valley, he received a Diploma of Visual Arts in 2011 and has continued to evolve his practice since then.

Stewart’s work focuses on creating a narrative for the continued efforts toward sustainability and environmental preservation. He creates in natural settings such as the forests of British Columbia in order to humanize our environment. The result is a merging of street art and plein air depicting soft, ephemeral female figures interacting with nature. Stewart’s public mural work also reflects these values by bringing the natural world into the urban.

Alex along side with his art is a conservationist working with organizations such as Surfrider Pacific Rim, The Ancient Forest Alliance, and One Tree Planted. He volunteers his time through beach cleanups, trail maintenance, and speaking engagements. Alex also donates a portion of all his sales to environmental conservation in Canada and around the world.